Can I change the certificate for the HTTPs connection?

Unfortunately, not yet. You have to configure the HTTPs connection manually. Open the default Eclipse Jetty Launcher Context files in the Options tab to get a glue how to do this.

Common Problems

When launching, the JVM fails with an java.lang.UnsupportedClassVersionError:

You may need another JRE/JDK. Jetty 6 and Jetty 7 run with Java 1.5. Jetty 8 needs at least Java 1.6 and Jetty 9 needs Java 1.7.

The application fails with an java.lang.ClassNotFoundException:

You may need to tweak the dependency settings in the Dependencies tab.

When using M2E, you can alter the default include/exclude options per scope or manually add dependencies. Are there dependencies without a scope? If yes, you may need the check the "Without Scope" option. Are you using a JNDI datasource? You may then need to load the database driver with the System classloader by checking the "Global" checkbox for the dependency.

My Servlet 2.5 Annotations do not work!

First of all you need to enable JNDI and Annotations Support in the Options tab and next you have to make sure, that you are using Jetty 9 (highly recommendet) or prior to that, a Jetty Hightide dirstibution (you can find one on the Codehaus Site).